Book Review: Fevered Star

Genre: Adult Fantasy Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Rarely do I find sequels that are as great as the first book in a series, but Fevered Star by Rebecca Roanhorse was one of those rarities! If you haven’t read Black Sun, you need to ASAP!

SPOILERS for Black Sun!!!

Fevered Star picks up right where we left off in Black Sun; Serapio just unleashed the crow god’s wrath, and the first year of the crow has begun. It’s a little difficult to summarize the book because so many exciting an unexpected events unfold!

One thing I really appreciated about this sequel was the way Roanhorse further developed characters we already knew, such as Xiala, but also the way in which we see more of some of the supporting characters from Black Sun, such as Iktan and Ochi. The character development was clearly well thought out, and as a reader I genuinely connected with all the characters, which is honestly emotionally conflicting because not all of their interests are aligned.

Additionally, there are so many moving parts to this novel, but in a really engaging and fun way! You have the main characters from the first book, but you also get a deeper look into the different groups of people and how they function in the world Roanhorse has created. You become more acquainted with the clans of Tova, the people in the Maw, the Teek, the Seven Merchant Lords, and even the spearmaidens in Hokaia. Each group of people are so diverse and intricate, it makes for a really complex story!

Overall, this is one of those wonderful fantasy novels that simply consume you! I would frequently lose track of time while reading, and feel completely immersed in the story. In my review of Black Sun I predicted that Fevered Star would leave me wanting more, and I have to say that was correct! If you need me, you can find me obsessively waiting for news about the third book in the series!

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