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ARC Review: All Signs Point to Yes

Genre: YA Romance Anthology Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

A special thanks to Inkyard Press and Bess Braswell for giving me the opportunity to review this ARC! When I read the premise behind this anthology, a love story for each astrological sign, I was so pumped! There were quite a few wonderful stories included in this anthology!

One thing I really enjoyed about this book is that each story lists the astrological sign it corresponds to, and some of the traits for that sign. I thought most of the authors did exceptionally well at staying true to the signs they wrote about.

Additionally, some of the stories were so heartwarming and endearing. They weren’t necessarily complex or deep, but sometimes we need to read a lighthearted love story! On the other hand, some of the stories completely missed the mark. I probably would have rated this book lower if not for a few stories that were redeeming. The ones that weren’t great were confusing, or simply didn’t make sense.

Finally, I feel really conflicted by the fact that the editors included a story based on the sign ophiuchus. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, there was a huge revelation within the world of astrology some years ago. Some people claimed that their is a 13th sign, ophiuchus. The story in the anthology is about a girl who can change people’s birth charts, and she is supposed to change anyone who was born under ophiuchus. It was a compelling premise, but I was a little disappointed that this sign was included at all. Most astrology experts have written off the idea of a 13th sign. While there could technically be as many as 21 zodiac constellations, many experts use the 12-sign system.

Overall, there were some highly disappointing aspects in All Signs Point to Yes, but there were also a few stories that were truly adorable!

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